We believe that natural soap is as important as organic food for us in a sustainable lifestyle. The ingredients of the cleaning products are crucial to us as we use them everyday in different areas. It contacts our skin directly and was absorbed into our body. Moreover, what we use to clean would discharge back to our mother Earth. Thus, we should use the cleaning products that would not be harmful to ourselves and the natural environment.

We think that these products should be widely available to more people as everyone has the right to enjoy the natural and organic products. We would like to share the goodness of organic living to everyone.

Bella Sapone produces sustainable organic cleaning products for you to achieve a better life. By using our products, you can be part of the contribution towards a sustainable future.

Sustainable production means:

  1. Reduce carbon footprint
  2. Protect local economy
  3. Provide organic jobs* to local people

* Organic jobs aimed at enhancing creativity and support local economy, while not to create environmental degradation or worsen social problems.